Focus and Scope: Cellular and Molecular Biology publishes original articles, reviews, short communications, methods, meta-analysis notes, letters to editor and comments in the interdisciplinary science of Cellular and Molecular Biology linking and integrating molecular biology, biophysics, biochemistry, enzymology, physiology and biotechnology in a dynamic cell and tissue biology environment, applied to human, animals, plants tissues as well to microbial and viral cells. The journal Cellular and Molecular Biology is therefore open to intense interdisciplinary exchanges in medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacological, botanical and biological researches for the demonstration of these multiple links.

Publication Process:

Initial review - The Editor-in-Chief or the Associate Editors reviews each submission to determine whether the topic is in scope of the journal, the structure complies with main Journal requirements to warrant further consideration and peer review.

Peer review - If the submission is considered for expert review, it will be reviewed by experts in the journal's Editorial Board or other experts in fields specifically matching the manuscript's topic. Two peer reviewers evaluate each submission within 6 weeks.

Final decision -Using peer reviews and his own judgment, the editor is making the final decision:

  • Resubmit for Review: The manuscript is not acceptable in its current form and needs to be revised and re-evaluated to be considered for publication.
  • Revisions Required: The manuscript requires some revisions before it can be accepted.
  • Decline Submission: Publication is declined and the reviewers’ comments are provided to the authors.

Manuscript revision - Accepted manuscripts should be revisied at the latest within 15 days for accepted with minor revision and 90 days for accepted with major revision.

Proofs - Proofs will be sent only to corresponding author, they should be corrected and returned within 2 days. Only typographical errors introduced by the editorial office can be corrected, any others may be charged to the authors

Publication - Individual papers can be published as soon as they are ready, by adding them to the "current" volume's table of contents. Special Theme Issue items will be published collectively, as an issue with its own table of contents.

Copyright Notice:

Copyright on any article in the Cellular and Molecular Biology is retained by the author(s) under the Creative Commons license, which permits to copy, redistribute remix, transform, and build upon the material in any non-commercial medium or format, provided the original work is properly cited.