Published: December 7, 2022

Global gene expression analysis of Streptococcus agalactiae at exponential growth phase

Gene expression of Streptococcus agalactiae

July 31, 2022
Inês Silvestre, Vítor Borges, Sílvia Duarte, Alexandra Nunes, Rita Sobral, Luís Vieira, João Paulo Gomes, Maria José Borrego

Effect of Implantation and Fixation of Mirena in the Treatment of Adenomyosis and its Influence on Serum Inflammatory Factors

Mirena effects on adenomyosis and inflammatory factors

July 31, 2022
Gong Leilei, Xin Di, Li Na, Shao Rong

Evaluation of vincamine against Acetylcholinesterase enzyme

cetylcholinesterase enzyme inhibition

July 31, 2022
Syed Sayeed Ahmad, Aisha Khatoon, Mohd. Sajid Khan, Mohammad Khalid, Ahmed M. Alharbi, Mohd. Haris Siddiqui

Effect of Mirena intrauterine device combined with GNRH-A on endometriosis, sex hormone level and carbohydrate antigen 125

Mirena and GNRH-A effects on endometriosis

July 31, 2022
Yu Fenghua, Shao Rong, Song Juan, Leilei Guan

Nephrocurative Effect of Parthenium hysterophorus (Carrot Grass) in Paracetamol Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rabbits

Nephrocurative Effect of Parthenium hysterophorus

July 31, 2022
Sheeba Makhdoom, Ayesha Maqbool, Hafsah Muhammad, Munazza Makhdoom, Hamna Ashraf, Waseem Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Irfan

Antidiabetic and pancreas-protective potential of Parthenium Hysterophorous (Carrot grass) in Alloxan induced diabetic rabbits

Anti-diabetic Potential of Parthenium hysterophorous

July 31, 2022
Munazza Makhdoom, Ayesha Maqbool, Hafsah Muhammad, Sheeba Makhdoom, Hamna Ashraf, Mirza Jawad ul Hasnain, Waseem Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Irfan

Effects of recombinant human growth hormone on proliferation and differentiation of cementoblast and ERK1 / 2, JNK / SAPK and p38MAPK signaling pathway

Effects of rhGH on p38MAPK signaling pathway

July 31, 2022
Liuzhong Wu, Danyang Shen, Chuanbo Guo

Expression and significance of TGF-β1 in Infant Asthma Model

TGF-β1 in Infant Asthma Model

July 31, 2022
Jiabo Yuan, Wei Zhang

Evaluation of serum levels of homocysteine and C-reactive protein in patients with ischemic stroke

Serum levels of homocysteine and CRP in ischemic stroke

July 31, 2022
Liu Yang, Bing Xu

Clinical, Endocrine and Genetic spectrums of Mucopolysaccharidoses type VI in Duhok city, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Clinical, Endocrine & Genetic spectrums of Mucopolysaccharidoses

July 31, 2022
Azad A. Haleem

Expression of mir-29a-5p, sclerostin and fetuin-A in patients with chronic kidney disease and their correlation with vascular calcification

Correlation of mir-29a-5p, sclerostin and fetuin-A with vascular calcification

July 31, 2022
Xiaoying Ma, Yuping Sheng, Xingmeng Yang, Na Wang, Haoran Zhang, Haiping Xu, Fuyun Sun

Computational analysis of PTP-1B site-directed mutations and their structural binding to potential inhibitors

Analysis of PTP-1B site-directed mutations

July 31, 2022
Munazzah Tasleem, Ambreen Shoaib, Asma Al-Shammary, Abdelmuhsin Abdelgadir, Zeina Alsamar, Qazi Mohammad Sajid Jamal, Abdulwahed Alrehaily, Fevzi Bardcki, Abdel Moneim E. Sulieman, Tarun Kumar Upadhyay, Irfan Ahmad Ansari, Dakun Lai, Riadh Badroui, Dharmendra Kumar Yadav, Mohd Saeed

Effect of Hesperetin on Isoprenaline-induced Hypertrophy of H9C2 Cardiomyocytes

Effect of Hesperetin on Hypertrophy of H9C2 Cardiomyocytes

July 31, 2022
Bo Liu, Beilei Qiu, Suchuan Zhang

miR-144 negatively regulates the effect of CCNB1 protein on the biological behavior of hepatoma cells

miR-144 effects on hepatoma cells

July 31, 2022
Chunbin Lan, Zhulin Xu, Shanshan He, Liu Xian, Zhengyu Song, Xu Bin, Guiquan Li

Influences of Edaravone on Necroptosis-Related Proteins and Oxidative Stress in Rats with Lower Extremity Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

Influences of Edaravone on Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

July 31, 2022
Gang Zhao, Li Zhao, Yan Li, Lei Wang, Zhipeng Hu

Correlations of Inflammatory Cytokines in the Intestinal Mucosa, Serum Inflammation, Oxidative Stresses and Immune Changes with Vitamin Deficiency in Ulcerative Colitis Patients

Vitamin Deficiency in Ulcerative Colitis Patients

July 31, 2022
Yang Tan, Li Peng, Longyue Wen, Liu Yang, Yao Zhu, Yingying Lai, Xiao Liu, Fenghua Liu

Circ_0022340 promotes colorectal cancer progression via HNRNPC/EBF1/SYT7 or miR-382-5p/ELK1 axis

Circ_0022340 promotes CRC

July 31, 2022
Zhaohui Liu, Xiaoping Xu, Dong Chen, Lei Zhang, Yuan Pan, Daocheng Liu, Minmin Shen, Min Chen

Correlation between Troponin T and N-Terminal Brain Natriuretic Peptide Levels and cardiac Structure and Function and Cardiovascular Disease in Elderly Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients

Troponin T and N-Terminal Brain Natriuretic Peptide Levels

July 31, 2022
Ning Zhang, Kaige Zhang, Xin Xu, Jian Hu, Xiaoqin Wang, Xin Meng

Mechanisms of miR-29a-5p involvement in osteogenic phenotype transformation and cellular regulation of vascular smooth muscle and thus influencing calcification in VSMCs in chronic kidney disease

miR-29a-5p effects on vascular smooth muscle

July 31, 2022
Hui Deng, Honglan Xu, Yuxuan Luo

Analyses on Clinical Efficacy of TIPS in the Treatment of Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension and Relevant Influencing Factors

Efficacy of TIPS on Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension

July 31, 2022
Zhihui Liang, liang Li, Liming Cao, Jianyu Liu, Jinglei Liu

miR-1 Mediated AMPK Pathway on Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis in Hypertensive Rats

miR-1 Mediated AMPK Pathway on Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis

July 31, 2022
Xiaoli Huang, Jinlin Wang

Mechanism of Astrin in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Astrin in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

July 31, 2022
Jian Wang, Changjian Liu, Minghui Wei

Expression profiles of miR-129 and miR-29a-5p in vascular calcification of patients with end-stage renal disease and the underlying correlation

miR-129 and miR-29a-5p expression in vascular calcification

July 31, 2022
Yuping Sheng, Xiaoying Ma, Na Wang, Xingmeng Yang, Haoran Zhang, Haiping Xu, Fuyun Sun

The Regulation Mechanism of MUC5AC Secretion in Airway of Obese Asthma

MUC5AC in Airway of Obese Asthma

July 31, 2022
Tingtian Li, Yafei Wang, Shujuan Huang, Huaping Tang

CD147 Protein Expression and Temozolomide Resistance in Glioma Cells: An Ex vivo and In vivo Study

CD147 Expression and Temozolomide Resistance

July 31, 2022
Guo-Qiang Luo, Shuang Bai, Yan Hu, Hu Chen, Zhong-jun Yan, Ling-ling Fan

Influence of Postoperative Serum Inflammatory Factors, Stress Indicators, Urination Function, Sexual Function and Clinical Efficacy of Laparoscopic Pelvic Floor Reconstruction without Mesh Implantation in the Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Postoperative Serum Inflammatory Factors and Pelvic Organ Prolapse

July 31, 2022
Mingxiu Wu, Pengyu Cai, Bin Zhang, Chun Liu, Zhiping Chen, Zhiyong Hou

Inhibitory Effect of Nano-targeted Micelle Administration Combined with in Vitro Radiotherapy on Glioma Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology

Nano-targeted Micelle effects on Glioma

July 31, 2022
Ronghui Jin, Yingping Xu, Pan Jiang

Role and Clinical Significance of LncRNA16 in the Malignant Proliferation of Lung Cancer Cells

LncRNA16 in the Lung Cancer Cells

July 31, 2022
Mingming Gu, Zhubei Chen, Hui Xiong, Kun Liu, Zhangpeng Ye, Qingsheng You

A Significant Association Between rs2295190 Polymorphism of the ESR1 Gene and Fibromyalgia Syndrome

ESR 1 Polymorphism in Fibromyalgia Syndrome

July 31, 2022
Ercan Kaydok, Esma Ozmen, Ismail Sari, Gozde Sen Cakıroglu, Ayca Tas, Yavuz Silig, Emrullah Hayta

Long non-coding RNA XIST negatively regulates thoracic aortic aneurysm cell proliferation by targeting the miR-193a-5p/KLF7 axis

Negative Regulation of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Cell by XIST

July 31, 2022
Ming Zhu, Mengwei Tan, Fazhen Xu, Yuting Huang, Jiantian Yang

Effect of heat treatment on the antioxidant activities of camel milk alpha, beta and total caseins

Antioxidant activities of camel milk caseins

July 31, 2022
Maha Hamouda, Amel Sboui, Imed Salhi, Abir omrani, Mohamed Hammadi, Jean Pierre Souchard, Jalloul Bouajila, Touhami Khorchani

Silymarin protects the liver from α-naphthylisothiocyanate-induced cholestasis by modulating the expression of genes involved in bile acid homeostasis

Anti-cholestatic effect of silymarin

July 31, 2022
Imran Sohail, Naila Malkani, Nimra Tahir, Ateeb Khalil, Rukset Attar, Sidra Mumtaz

A New perspective: How Pathogens Manipulate Phagocytosis?

How Pathogens Manipulate Phagocytosis?

July 31, 2022
Zhaolun Li, Yulu Gao, Gang Chen, Leili Wang, Jiaqi Chu, Hongyu Han, Yuting Chen, Guang Zhou

Multifunctional role of Nobiletin in cancer chemoprevention

Multifunctional role of Nobiletin in cancer chemoprevention

July 31, 2022
Durr-E-Shahwar Malik, Rukset Attar, Ulku Ozbey, Mirna Azalea Romero, Ishmuratova Margarita Yulaevna, Jelena Purenovic