Published: April 30, 2016

G2013 modulates TLR4 signaling pathway in IRAK-1 and TARF-6 dependent and miR-146a independent manner

April 30, 2016
M Hajivalili, F Pourgholi, J Majidi, L Aghebati-Maleki, A A Movassaghpour, H Samadi Kafil, A Mirshafiey, M Yousefi

Overexpression of X chromosome-linked inhibitor of apoptosis by inhibiting microRNA-24 protects periodontal ligament cells against hydrogen peroxide-induced cell apoptosis

April 30, 2016
C Liu, Z Chen, J Wang, H Hu

Cell-free fetal DNA in amniotic fluid supernatant for prenatal diagnosis

April 30, 2016
M Soltani, M Nemati, M Maralani, M A Estiar, S Andalib, Z Fardiazar, E Sakhinia

Perfluorocarbon inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced macrophage inflammatory protein-2 expression and activation of ATF-2 and c-Jun in A549 pulmonary epithelial cells

April 30, 2016
Y Hu, C S Li, Y Q Li, Y Liang, L Cao, L A Chen

The role of Iron on breast cancer stem-like cells

April 30, 2016
U Ozer

Detection of the novel IL-1 family cytokines by QAH-IL1F-1 assay in rheumatoid arthritis

April 30, 2016
M Wang, B Wang, Z Ma, X Sun, Y Tang, X Li, X Wu

Enhancing immune responses of EV71 VP1 DNA vaccine by co-inoculating plasmid IL-12 or GM-CSF expressing vector in mice

April 30, 2016
X Peng, X Fang, J Li, L Kong, B Li, X Ding

The roles of SPBC409.08 and SPAC9.02c hypothetical genes in cell cycle and stress response, in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

April 30, 2016
I Güngör, A í–rs Gevrekci

Genetic diversity of Iranian honey bee (Apis mellifera meda Skorikow, 1829) populations based on ISSR markers

April 30, 2016
A Rahimi, A Mirmoayedi, D Kahrizi, L Zarei, S Jamali

Expression and significance of aquaporin protein in sprague-dawley rats after experimental intraventricular hemorrhage

April 30, 2016
W Gu, F Li, W Zhang, P Jia

Effect of ketamine anesthesia on cognitive function and immune function in young rats

April 30, 2016
Y-T Sun, M Hou, T Zou, Y Liu, J Li, Y-L Wang

Molecular and characterization of NnPPO cDNA from lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) in rhizome browning

April 30, 2016
C Dong, A Q Yu, M G Yang, M Q Zhou, Z L Hu

Expression and variability of lipid metabolism genes in intracranial aneurysm

April 30, 2016
E Synowiec, K A Wojcik, R Wójcik, K WiÅ›niewski, M Fila, P Tokarz, M BieÅ„kowski, D Jaskolski, J Blasiak

In Vitro and in Vivo antioxidant activity of ethyl acetate extraction of purple rice

April 30, 2016
Y Shen, L Chen, H Zhang, Y Zhang, H Zhang, L Wang, H Qian, X Qi, H Zhang

Hsa-miRNA-31 regulates epithelial cell barrier function by inhibiting TNFSF15 expression

April 30, 2016
X Nan, S Qin, Z Yuan, Y Li, J Zhang, C Li, X Tan, Y Yan

The efficacy of high-intensity, focused ultrasound treatment for non-neoplastic epithelial disorders of the vulva

April 30, 2016
W Zhou, L Zhu, H Zhou, K Shen, J Lang, Q Cui, H Shi

Edible bird's nest enhances antioxidant capacity and increases lifespan in Drosophila Melanogaster

April 30, 2016
Q Hu, G Li, H Yao, S He, H Li, S Liu, Y Wu, X Lai

Icariin induces S-phase arrest and apoptosis in medulloblastoma cells

April 30, 2016
Y Sun, X-H Sun, W-J Fan, X-M Jiang, A-W Li