Published: August 19, 2017

Effects of alpha lipoic acid on acrylamide-induced hepatotoxicity in rats

July 31, 2017
F. A. Al-Qahtani, M. Arafah, B. Sharma, N. J. Siddiqi

Evaluation of the nutrient profile of Trachyspermum ammi L. seed under the influence of nanoparticles during germination

July 31, 2017
I. Z. Ahmad, U. Fatima, H. Tabassum, A. Mabood, A. Ahmad, G. Srivastava, M. Das

Curcumin mediated attenuation of carbofuran induced toxicity in the heart of Wistar rats

July 31, 2017
S. K. Jaiswal, V. K. Gupta, N. J. Siddiqi, B. Sharma

Synthesis, characterization of nano-sized anatase TiO2  and its adsorption behaviour  for environmental contaminant

July 31, 2017
K. Gupta, A. Pandey, R. P. Singh

Prevalence of COMT Val158Met polymorphism in Eastern UP population

July 31, 2017
P. Kumar, U. Yadav, V. Rai

Effect of immobilisation on production of rapamycin by Streptomyces hygroscopicus

July 31, 2017
R. Sinha, P. Srivastava

Abstraction of phenol onto Pseudomonas putida and Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide

July 31, 2017
N. Saravani, M. Arulmozhi, A. Anbuthangam, M. Manimozhi

Effects of arsenic toxicity on morphological characters in blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) during early growth stage

July 31, 2017
M. Z. Shamim, A. Pandey

Efficacy and Stability studies of microbial folate fortified fruit juices prepared using probiotic microorganism

July 31, 2017
S. Deep, S. Ojha, S. Kundu

Comparative Study of Rhodamine B degradation by Tio2 nanoparticles synthesized from titanium sec butoxide and its chloroacetato derivatves

July 31, 2017
S. Ambreen, N. D. Pandey, A. Pandey

Plant derived antimicrobial peptide Ib-AMP1 as a potential alternative drug candidate for Staphylococcus aureus toxins

July 31, 2017
S. Ojha, S. Deep, S. Kundu

H2O2 sensing through electrochemically deposited thionine coated ITO thin film

July 31, 2017
P. Singh, S. Srivastava, S. K. Singh

Effect of pH on optimization of photofermentative hydrogen production by co-culture of Rhodobacter sphaeroides-NMBL-02 and Bacillus firmus-NMBL-03

July 31, 2017
A. Pandey, S. Dolly, D. Semwal, A. Pandey

Pharmacological activities of cinnamaldehyde and eugenol: antioxidant, cytotoxic and anti-leishmanial studies

July 31, 2017
U. K. Sharma, A. K. Sharma, A. Gupta, R. Kumar, A. Pandey, A. K. Pandey

Effect of Microbial inoculation in combating the aluminium toxicity effect on growth of Zea mays

July 31, 2017
P. Arora, G. Singh, A. Tiwari

Mathematical modelling of bioethanol production from algal starch hydrolysate by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

July 31, 2017
S. Singh, I. Chakravarty, S. Kundu

Exploitation of dark fermented effluent of cheese whey by co-culture of Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Bacillus firmus for photo-hydrogen production

July 31, 2017
A. Pandey, A. Pandey

Lung cancer: analysis of biomarkers and methods of diagnostic and prognostic value

July 31, 2017
S. Yadav, S. Agrawal, S. S. Divya Ravali, A. Pandey