Published: October 30, 2015

SERS and DFT study of p-hydroxybenzoic acid adsorbed on colloidal silver particles

October 16, 2015
Y Chen, S J Chen, S Li, J J Wei

Association of polymorphisms in PRKCI gene and risk of prostate cancer in a sample of Iranian Population

October 16, 2015
M Hashemi, G Shahkar, N Simforoosh, A Basiri, S A M Ziaee, B Narouie, M Taheri

Citrate and celecoxib induce apoptosis and decrease necrosis in synergistic manner in canine mammary tumor cells

October 16, 2015
R Vahidi, S Safi, A Farsinejad, N Panahi

Coexistence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants and AmpC-Beta-Lactamases in Escherichia coli strains in Egypt

October 16, 2015
N K Abd El-Aziz, A A Gharib

Purification and dose-dependent toxicity study of abrin in swiss albino male mice

October 16, 2015
K Chaturvedi, S E Jadhav, Y D Bhutia, O Kumar, R K Kaul, N Shrivastava

Activity of dental pulp cells in semisolid 3D cultures initiated by transforming growth factor-β1 and bone morphogenetic protein 2, 4

October 16, 2015
F Suzergoz, E Sepet, A P Erdem, S Cinar, G Ikikarakayali, M A Erdem, A O Gurol

A peculiar VNTR in the cystathionine β-synthase gene is a risk factor for Down Syndrome

October 16, 2015
M Salemi, C Barone, C Romano, M G Salluzzo, M Giambirtone, M C Morale, A E Calogero, L Grillo, P Bosco, C Romano

Synthesis and molecular characterization of acrylate liquid crystalline resin monomers (ALCRM)

October 16, 2015
X P He, W Cai, L Guo, L Z Zhou, M H Nie

Protective effect of ellagic acid on oxidative stress and antioxidant status in Cyprinus carpio during malathion exposure

October 23, 2015
M Åž Ural, M E Yonar, S Mişe Yonar

Guaiasistanol: A new guaiane sesquiterpenoid from Teucrium persicum Boiss

October 23, 2015
A Miri, J Sharifi-Rad

Low expression of microRNA-21 contributes to LPS-induced osteoblast cell apoptosis through up-regulation of OAS1

October 23, 2015
Y Li, J-L Jiang, J-S Yang, L Gao

Effects of gamma irradiation on chickpea seeds vis-a-vis total seed storage proteins, antioxidant activity and protein profiling

October 23, 2015
S S Bhagyawant, N Gupta, N Shrivastava

DNA polymorphisms in chickpea accessions as revealed by PCR-based markers

October 23, 2015
P Yadav, K K Koul, N Shrivastava, M J Mendaki, S S Bhagyawant

Effect of Tongxinluo on nerve regeneration in mice with diabetic peripheral neuropathy

October 23, 2015
X. Li, J. Zhang, W. Zhao, H. Yang, J. Ma, Y. Qi, S. Wu

Comparison and improvement in primary airway fibroblast culture across different mammalian species

October 30, 2015
L Hong, D Song, Y Zeng

Toxicological effects of benzo[a]pyrene on DNA methylation of whole genome in ICR mice

October 30, 2015
L Zhao, S Zhang, X An, W Tan, D Pang, H Ouyang

Micro-RNAs: The new potential biomarkers in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and cancer therapy

October 16, 2015
B Mansoori, A Mohammadi, S Shirjang, B Baradaran

A Short Review: Research progress of bovine stem cells

October 23, 2015
Y-H Gao, W-J Guan, Y-H Ma

Next generation sequencing technologies in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics: A mini review

October 30, 2015
W Li, K Zhao, M Kirberger, W Liao, Y Yan