Published: July 1, 2015

Evaluation of the polymorphisms in the exons 2 to 4 of the TP53 in cervical carcinoma patients from a Brazilian population

June 1, 2008
T. A. A. M. Fernandes, G. L. F. Lima, F. C. G. De souza, J. V. Fernandes, R. V. Meissner

The standardized Ginkgo biloba extract Egb-761 protects vascular endothelium exposed to oxidized low density lipoproteins

October 26, 2008
S. V. Pierre, P. Lesnik, M. Moreau, L. Bonello, M. T. Droy-lefaix, S. Sennoune, M. J. Duran, T. A. Pressley, J. Sampol, J. Chapman, J. M. Maixent

Nitrite/nitrate and malondialdehyde levels in nasal polyp

October 28, 2008
G. Bugdayci, M. Kaymakci

cDNA sequencing and expression analysis of Dicentrarchus labrax heme oxygenase-1

November 17, 2008
N. Prevot-D'Alvise, S. Pierre, S. Gaillard, E. Gouze, J. N. Gouze, J. Aubert, S. Richard, J. P. Grillasca

Edible mushroom Agaricus sylvaticus can prevent the onset of atheroma plaques in hipercholesterolemic rabbits

November 17, 2008
S. Percario, V. F. Odorizzi, D. R. S. Souza, M. A. S. Pinhel, J. L. Gennari, M. S. Gennari, M. F. Godoy

Prognosis of human liver transplantation

December 1, 2008
A. Cherid, N. Cherid, V. Chamlian, H. O. Boutaghou, A. Chamlian

Melagatran prevents tissue factor expression in human platelet-monocyte heterotypic complexes

December 31, 2008
A. Belliard, G. Mauco, M. L. Bonnet, T. Hauet, L. Macchi