Published: December 27, 2016

Histological and histochemical characterization of the digestive tract of European catfish (Silurus glanis Linnaeus, 1758)

November 30, 2016
S. Köprücü, M. Yaman

Purification and characterization of polyphenol oxidase from corn tassel

November 30, 2016
R. Gul Guven, N. Aslan, K. Guven, F. Matpan Bekler, O. Acer

The regulatory effects of autophagy to the CNE2 cells radio-sensitization

November 30, 2016
B-X. Li, X-F. Cao, C-Y. Weng, X-S. Fang, H-B. Mao, M-M. Guan, G-L. Liu

The effects of mebudipine on myocardial arrhythmia induced by ischemia-reperfusion injury in isolated rat heart

November 30, 2016
R. Ghiasi, M. Mohammadi, M. Majidinia, B. Yousefi, A. Ghiasi, R. Badalzadeh

Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) gene mutations in North Egyptian population: implications for the genetic diagnosis in Egypt

November 30, 2016
A. El-Seedy, M. C. Pasquet, H. Shafiek, T. Morsi, A. Kitzis, V. Ladevèze

Validation of housekeeping genes for the normalization of RT-qPCR expression studies in oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line treated by 5 kinds of chemotherapy drugs

November 30, 2016
W. Song, W. H. Zhang, H. Zhang, Y. Li, Y. Zhang, W. Yin, Q. Yang

Oxidative stress and some biochemical parameters during starvation and refeeding in Astacus leptodactylus (Esch., 1823)

November 30, 2016
O. Barim-Oz, H. Åžahin

Preservation effect of meat product by natural antioxidant tea polyphenol

November 30, 2016
W-D. Wang, Y-E. Sun

Influences of dietary omega-3 fatty acids on haematologic and immunologic changes in rainbow trout milked regularly

November 30, 2016
M. E. Yonar, K. Koprucu

Pivotal role of glutathione depletion in eNOS uncoupling of LPS-Treated HUVECs

November 30, 2016
L. Chen, E. Liu, D. Cao, S. Li, C. Xiao, M. Xiong, Q. Kou

KLF5 is involved in regulation of IFITM1, 2, and 3 genes during H5N1 virus infection in A549 cells

November 30, 2016
H-F. Wang, L. Chen, J. Luo, H-X. He

Effects of PAX9 and MSX1 gene variants to hypodontia, tooth size and the type of congenitally missing teeth

November 30, 2016
D. Kirac, F. Eraydin, T. Avcilar, K. Ulucan, F. í–zdemir, A. I. Guney, E. í‡. Kaspar, E. Keshi, T. Isbir

Effects of ambroxol hydrochloride on concentrations of paclitaxel and carboplatin in lung cancer patients at different administration times

November 30, 2016
J. Li, W. Yi, P. Jiang, R. Sun, T. Li

Type 2 diabetes and mental disorders; a plausible link with inflammation

November 30, 2016
B. Hajebrahimi, A. Kiamanesh, A. A. Asgharnejad Farid, G. Asadikaram

Association between alpha-adducin gene rs4963 polymorphism and hypertension risk in Asian population: a meta-analysis

November 30, 2016
Y-L. Qu, C-M. Wu, L-X. Zhang, B-L. Wen, X. Zhang, C. Ma, X-Y. Yan, H-B. Cui, D-M. Wang, Y-R. Ji