Published: August 22, 2017

Oncolytic E1B 55KDa-deleted adenovirus replication is independent of p53 levels in cancer cells

August 15, 2017
B. M. Abbas, M. A. El-Mogy, Y. Haj-Ahmad

Hypoxia stimulates neural stem cell proliferation by increasing HIF"‘1α expression and activating Wnt/β-catenin signaling

August 15, 2017
C. Qi, J. Zhang, X. Chen, J. Wan, J. Wang, P. Zhang, Y. Liu

Effects of curcumin plus Soy oligosaccharides on intestinal flora of rats with ulcerative colitis

August 15, 2017
G. Huang, L. Ye, G. Du, Y. Huang, Y. Wu, S. Ge, Z. Yang, G. Zhu

Comparative determination of ventilatory efficiency from constant load and incremental exercise testing

August 15, 2017
S. Algul, F. A. Ugur, A. Ayar, O. Ozcelik

Effect of Cdc42 on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion of rats

August 15, 2017
X. Xu, L. Kong, X. Song, Z. Hao, F. Yuan

Mass spectrometric identification of diagnostic markers for chronic prostatitis in seminal plasma by analysis of seminal plasma protein clinical samples

August 15, 2017
A. Rokka, A. Mehik, P. Tonttila, M. Vaarala

Ghrelin and NUCB2/Nesfatin-1 expression in unilateral testicular torsion-induced rats with and without N-acetylcysteine

August 15, 2017
M. Sarac, U. Bakal, T. Tartar, T. Kuloglu, M. Yardim, G. Artas, S. Aydin, A. Kazez

Histologic analyses of different concentrations of TritonX-100 and Sodium dodecyl sulfate detergent in lung decellularization

August 15, 2017
H. Tebyanian, A. Karami, E. Motavallian, J. Aslani, A. Samadikuchaksaraei, B. Arjmand, M. R. Nourani

Isolation, identification and characterization of Morganella morganii from Naja naja atra in Beijing, China

August 15, 2017
H-F. Wang, L-Y. Du, J. Luo, H-X. He

Chicken egg-white extracts promote OCT4 and NANOG expression and telomeres growth in 293T cells

August 15, 2017
G-P. Ruan, X. Yao, J. Shu, J-F. Liu, R.-Q Pang, X-H. Pan

The association between PAI-1 -675 4G/5G polymorphism and type 2 diabetes mellitus

August 15, 2017
L. Chen, S-Y. Li, M. Liu

In vitro evaluation of cytotoxic, anti-proliferative, anti-oxidant, apoptotic, and anti-microbial activities of Cladonia pocillum

August 15, 2017
M Ersoz, Z. M. Coskun, B. Acikgoz, I. Karalti, G. Cobanoglu, C. Cesal

Inflammatory and immune responses to a 3-day period of downhill running in active females

August 15, 2017
S. Jafariyan, A. Monazzami, Z. Nikousefat, M. Nobahar, K. Yari

Prediction of G gene epitopes of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus and eukaryotic expression of major antigen determinant sequence

August 15, 2017
T. Sun, W-L. Yin, B-H. Fang, Q. Wang, C-Z. Liang, Z-Q. Yue

Molecular effects of leptin on peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ) mRNA expression in rat's adipose and liver tissue

August 15, 2017
A. Abbasi, A. A. Moghadam, Z. Kahrarian, R. Abbsavaran, K. Yari, E. Alizadeh

Synaptosomal and mitochondrial oxidative damage followed by behavioral impairments in streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus: restoration by Malvastrum tricuspidatum

August 15, 2017
I. Solanki, P. Parihar, R. Shetty, M. S. Parihar

Effect of salinity on gene expression, morphological and biochemical characteristics of stevia rebaudiana Bertoni under in vitro conditions

August 15, 2017
F. Fallah, F. Nokhasi, M. Ghaheri, D. Kahrizi, A. Beheshti Ale Agha, T. Ghorbani, E. Kazemi, Z. Ansarypour

Effect of KH2PO4 on gene expression, morphological and biochemical characteristics of stevia rebaudiana Bertoni under in vitro conditions

August 15, 2017
D. Kahrizi, S. M. Ghari, M. Ghaheri, F. Fallah, T. Ghorbani, A. Beheshti Ale Agha, E. Kazemi, Z. Ansarypour

Molecular identification of drug resistant mutations to tetracycline in Mycoplasma spp. isolated from patients with multiple sclerosis

August 15, 2017
M. Naghib, B. Kheirkhah, R. Mohebbi, L. Sadeg