Published: May 18, 2009

Suppression of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide by asparagus racemosus root extract using in vitro Studies

February 25, 2009
N P Visavadiya, B Soni, D Madamwar

VDUP1 potentiates RAS-mediated angiogenesis via ROS production in endothelial cells

February 25, 2009
Z H Piao, S R Yoon, M S Kim, J H Jeon, S H Lee, T D Kim, H G Lee, K H Bae, J K Min, S J Chung, M Kim, Y S Cho, D B Oh, S Y Park, J W Chung, I Choi

Rapid detection of listeria monocytogenes in food by polymerase chain reaction

February 25, 2009
H Ennaji, M Timinouni, M M Ennaji, R Ait M‘hand, M Hassar, N Cohen

The questionable association of vitamin E supplementation and mortality-inconsistent results of different meta-analytic approaches

February 25, 2009
J GeríŸ;, W Köpcke

Proteasomes reactivator REG gamma enchances oncogenicity of mda-mb-231 cell line via promoting cell proliferation and inhibiting apoptosis

June 15, 2009
M. Tian, W Xiaoyi, L Xiaotao, R Guosheng

Molecular typing oF Escherichia coli strains isolated from food in casablanca (Morocco)

June 15, 2009
S Badri, A Fassouane, I Filliol, M Hassar, N Cohen

Modulation of muscarinic signaling in PC12 cells overexpressing neuronal Ca2+ sensor-1 protein

August 5, 2009
M M Guimaràes, H J Reis, L P Guimaràes, D S Carneiro, F M Ribeiro, M V Gomez, A Jeromin, M A Romano-Silva

Identification of tumor stem-like cells in a mouse myeloma cell line

August 5, 2009
J Dou, Y Li, F Zhao, W Hu, P Wen, Q Tang, L Chu, Y Wang, M Cao, C Jiang, N Gu

Caffeic acid phenethyl ester inhibits arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration in vitro and in vivo using a local delivery system

November 15, 2009
H C Ho, S L Hsu, C T Ting, C Y Kuo, V C Yang

STAT1/2 is involved in the inhibition of cell growth induced by U0126 in Hela cells

November 15, 2009
L Y Zhao, C Huang, Z F Li, L Liu, L Ni, T S Song

Risk factors of invasive cervical cancer in Morocco

November 15, 2009
M Meftah El Khair, R Ait Mhand, M El Mzibri, M M Ennaji

Coculturing embryonic stem cells with damaged hepatocytes leads to restoration of damage and high frequency of fusion

November 15, 2009
D Xu, F Wang, Z Pan, Q Guo

The influence of exon 7 Phe389Leu polymorphism on P120 catenin interactions with e-cadherin and three-dimensional model rebuilt

November 20, 2009
J Hu, Y Fei, X S Liu, F Wang, D W Ma, S L Liu

Expression of the three nitric oxide synthase isoforms and nitric oxide level in the rat heart during cold storage and blood reperfusion

December 20, 2009
M Desrois, T Caus, C Dalmasso, C Lan, P J Cozzone, M Bernard