Published: April 27, 2007

Interventional therapy procedures assisted by medical imaging and simulation. The experience of U 703 INSERM (lille France)

April 27, 2007
J. Rousseau, M. Vermandel, N. Betrouni, P. Dubois

Parameter estimation and order selection for an empirical model of VO2 on-kinetics.

April 27, 2007
O. Alata, O. Bernard

Application of mathematical morphology to the quantification of in vitro endothelial cell organization into tubular-like structures

April 27, 2007
J. Angulo, S. Matou

Structural analysis and application to brain imaging

April 27, 2007
M. Bernard, N. Richard, J. Paquereau

An automatic image analysis approach to quantify stained cell cultures

April 27, 2007
E. Glory, G. Derocle, N. Ollivier, V. Meas-Yedid, G. Stamon, C. Pinset, J. C. Olivo-Marin

A fast and efficient segmentation scheme for cell microscopic image

April 27, 2007
G. Lebrun, C. Charrier, O. Lezoray, C. Meurie, H. Cardot

Algorithms for the extraction of various diameter vessels

April 27, 2007
B. Tremblais, A. S. Capelle-Laize, B. Augereau