Published: December 31, 2011

Hypoxia facilitates cancer associated cell marker expression in stem cells

January 1, 2011
L. Xu, H. Xiao, M. Xu, L. Yi, H. Liang

Mycobacterial species as case-study of comparative genome analysis

February 8, 2011
F. Zakham, L. Belayachi, D. Ussery, M. Akrim, A. Benjouad, R. El aouad, M. M. Ennaji

Efficacy of autologous serum in human adipose-derived stem cells; cell markers, growth factors and differentiation

March 15, 2011
W. Im, J-Y. Chung, S-H. Kim, M. Kim

Detection of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in meat marketed in Casablanca (Morocco)

March 15, 2011
S. Badri, A. Fassouane, I. Filliol, M. Hassar, N. Cohen

Estrogen regulates the expression and activity of epithelial sodium channel in mouse osteoblasts

May 24, 2011
G. Z. Yang, H. G. Nie, L. Lu, J. Chen, X. Y. Lu, H. L. Ji, Q. N. Li

Cytotoxic effects of Argentinean plant extracts on tumour and normal cell lines

May 30, 2011
L. Mamone, G. Di venosa, J. J. Valla, L. Rodriguez, L. Gándara, A. Batlle, M. Heinrich, A. Juarranz, F. Sanz- rodriguez, A. Casas

LevRad software as a tool to learn how to proceed with an evaluation of barriers

May 30, 2011
C. C. Ferreira, S. O. Souza

Transgene insertion affects transcription and epigenetic modification of flanking host sequence in transgenic pigs

June 23, 2011
Q. R. Kong, M. L. Wu, L. Zhang, F. Wang, Z. Yin, Y. S. Mu, Z. H. Liu

Effects of lipopolysaccharides on TLR4 expression in INS-1 rat insulinoma cells

June 23, 2011
Q-M. Ge, S-C. Du, F. Bian, N. Lin, Q. Su

Relation between α-isoform and phosphatase activity of Na+,K+-ATPase in rat skeletal muscle fiber types

July 25, 2011
M. Chaillou, P. Rigoard, M. Fares, C. Francois, Y. Sottejeau, J. M. Maixent

Generation of dopaminergic neurons by fusion of neural stem cells and midbrain neurons

July 27, 2011
Y. Yu, T. Wen

Calpain cleaved-55kDa N-terminal huntingtin delocalizes from neurons to astrocytes after ischemic injury

July 27, 2011
S. C. Kim, J-Y. Chung, W. Im, M. Kim, M. Kim

Toxicity of alpha-ketoglutarate following 14-days repeated oral administration in Wistar rats

July 27, 2011
R. Bhattacharya, N. Gujar, P. Singh, P. Rao, R. Vijayaraghavan

Laminar shear stress promotes endothelial cell migration and inhibits cell apoptosis in the presence of hydroxyurea

July 27, 2011
Y. Zeng, X. H. Liu, Y. Shen, Y. Lai, X. J. Liu

Evaluation of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene variant (C677T) as risk factor for bipolar disorder

September 27, 2011
V. Rai

Microbiological impact of treatment lagoons on the economics of water for reuse in agriculture a case study in Morocco (Settat and Soualem regions).

September 27, 2011
N. Oubrim, M. M. Ennaji, K. Hajjami, M. Bennani, M. Hassar, N. Cohen

Dietary restriction lowers endogenous levels of oxidative stress in different brain regions of adult mice

September 27, 2011
P. Rathod, T. Hemnani, M. S. Parihar

In vitro antiproliferative effect and induction of apoptosis by Retama monosperma L. extract in human cervical cancer cells

October 15, 2011
N. Merghoub, L. Benbacer, H. El btaouri, H. Ait benhassou, C. Terryn, M. Attaleb, C. Madoulet, A. Benjouad, M. El mzibri, H. Morjani, S. Amzazi

Occurance and survival of Vibrio alginolyticus in Tamouda Bay (Morocco)

October 15, 2011
M. Sabir, N. Cohen, A. Boukhanjer, M. M. Ennaji

Immunomodulatory properties of porcine, bone marrow-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells and comparison with their human counterpart

October 15, 2011
P. Comite, L. Cobianchi, M. A. Avanzini, M. Mantelli, V. Achille, S. Zonta, C. Ferrari, M. Alessiani, A. De silvestri, G. M. Gandolfo, L. Inverardi, L. Brescia, A. Pietrabissa, P. Dionigi, F. Locatelli, M. E. Bernardo

Effect of downregulated β-catenin on cell proliferative activity, the sensitivity to chemotherapy drug and tumorigenicity of ovarian cancer cells

October 15, 2011
J. Wang, D. Zhou, X. He, Y. Wang, W. Hu, L. Jiang, J. Dou

Effects of water temperature increase and heavy metals contamination on WAP65 gene expression in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) liver

October 28, 2011
S. Pierre, K. Tarnowska, L. Hachfi, S. Coupé, R. Simide, S. Couvray, C. Garnier, M. Grimaldi, S. Richard, S. Gaillard, N. Prévot-d'alvise, J. P. Grillasca