Published: May 3, 2017

Evidence supporting neuroprotective effect of adipose derived stem cells on PC12 cells against oxidative stress induced by H2O2

March 31, 2017
M. T. Ghorabi, A. Aliaghaei, Y. Sadeghi, F. Shaerzadeh, A. A. Rad, R. Mohamadi, M. J. Ebrahimi

A proteomics research of apoptosis of leukemia cells induced by arsenic trioxide

March 31, 2017
L. Wang, Q. Guo, W. Liu, Y. Bai

Oleanolic acid (OA) regulates inflammation and cellular dedifferentiation of chondrocytes via MAPK signaling pathways

March 31, 2017
A-R. Phull, S-H. Eo, S. J. Kim

ARNetMiT R Package: association rules based gene co-expression networks of miRNA targets

March 31, 2017
M. í–zgür Cingiz, G. Biricik, B. Diri

The effects of melatonin administration on KCNQ and KCNH2 gene expressions and QTc interval in pinealectomised rats

March 31, 2016
M. A. Ovali, M. Uzun

Molecular analysis of endometrial inflammation in preterm birth

March 31, 2017
M. Cecati, D. Sartini, R. Campagna, A. Biagini, A. Ciavattini, M. Emanuelli, S. R. Giannubilo

Association of leukemia inhibitory factor gene polymorphism and in vitro fertilization outcome in a population in northern Iran

March 31, 2017
M. Alipour, F. Mashayekhi, Z. Salehi

The study of CD14+HLA-DR-/low myeloid-drived suppressor cell (MDSC) in peripheral blood of peripheral T-cell lymphoma patients and its biological function

March 31, 2017
J. Du, X. Sun, Y Song

Antioxidant effect of curcumin against exposure to malathion in Cyprinus carpio

March 31, 2017
S. Mişe Yonar, M. E. Yonar, M. Åž. Ural

Dynamic observation of IL-33 and its receptors in HIV patients who received HAART

March 31, 2017
B. He, L. Zheng, H. Zhou, Y. He, Z. Chen, S. Xiao, H. Wang, Y. Ling, Y. Zheng

Evaluation of relationship between aerobic fitness level and range of isocapnic buffering periods during incremental exercise test

March 31, 2017
S. Algul, O. Ozcelik, B. Yilmaz

Association between BANK1 polymorphisms and susceptibility to autoimmune diseases: A meta-analysis

March 31, 2017
S-C. Bae, Y. H. Lee

Long non-codingRNA (lncRNA) TUG1 and the prognosis of cancer: a meta-analysis

March 31, 2017
X-H. Yu, W. Guo, J. Zhang, C. Ma, A-J. Chu, B-L. Wen, X. Zhang, X-Y. Yan, C-M. Wu, D-M. Wang, Y-L. Qu

The effects of CDKN2A rs3731249, rs11515, and rs3088440 polymorphisms on cancer risk

March 31, 2017
Y. Dong, X. Wang, Y-W. Yang, Y-J. Liu