Published: December 31, 2014

Identiï¬cation and characterisation of DfCHS, a chalcone synthase gene regulated by temperature and ultraviolet in Dryopteris fragrans

December 30, 2014
L. L. Sun, Y. Li, S. S. Li, X. J. Wu, B. Z. Hu, Y. Chang

Pluripotency properties of embryonic stem cells isolated from stage X blastoderm of Mazandaran native chicken

December 30, 2014
M. Jahanpanah, F. Pourasgari, A. Mohammadi-sangcheshmeh, A. Ardeshirylajimi, M. Azarnia, S. D. Sharifi, M. Soleimani

Oridonin Inhibits Tumor Growth in Glioma by Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis

December 30, 2014
X-H. Zhang, Y-X . Liu, M. Jia, J-S. Han, M. Zhao, S-P. Ji, A-M. Li